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Chinese Culture and Management Series 2 – “The Future of Greater China from I-Ching Perspective: Analysing Sino-American Trade War with Chinese Wisdom”

中國文化與管理系列之二  – “從易經智慧看中港台未來 — 並剖析中美貿易戰的規律”

As part of CUHK EMBA core pillar to drive continuous lifetime learning, we have launched the “Chinese Culture and Management Series

(中國文化與管理系列)”. This program is a joint effort of the CUHK EMBA Alumni and friends.


We are delighted to announce the second seminar of the series:-

“The Future of Greater China from I-Ching Perspective: Analysing Sino-American Trade War with Chinese Wisdom”

“從易經智慧看中港台未來 — 並剖析中美貿易戰的規律”




「從易經智慧看中港台未來 — 並剖析中美貿易戰的規律」



Same as the first seminar of the Series, we are honored to have invited Dr. PANG Wang Kee, Lawrence (彭泓基博士) as the speaker for the  coming seminar.


  • Doctor in Management, China Remin University, Beijing

  • MBA(CUHK), B.Sc.(HKU), Dip. M.(UK), Founding Fellow, HKIM

  • Professor of Practice, Centennial College, HKUSPACE

  • Associate Adjunct Professor, School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Honorary Advisor of: School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University; Marketing Department, City University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

  • Adjunct Professor, City University of Hong Kong

  • Founding President, The Society of Chinese Wisdom & Management; The Academy of Chinese Wisdom and Management Ltd.

  • Coach, Hong Kong Police Chinese Martial Arts Association

  • Advisory Member, Central Policy Unit, Hong Kong Government

  • Advisor, The HK Taoist Association ( 香港道教聯合會)


Lawrence has many years of extensive management, particularly marketing and sales, experiences in various industries, including Information Technology, office equipment, electronic, scientific & medical equipment, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and publishing in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea. He also spent a few years in Canada specializing in the marketing of banking and financial services.

He was the Chief Operating Officer of Advanced Card Systems Ltd., a publicly listed Hong Kong company  (HKSE#8210) pioneering smart card technologies in gaining international reputation in the industry.  He was also the CEO and Managing Editor of Digital Vision Technology Ltd. (DVT), and Digital Heritage Publishing Co. Ltd. (DHP), positioning as an innovative system integrator/solution provider and an ICP (Internet Content Provider) for education, culture and related areas respectively.  He was also the Director of ITVentures Ltd., Digital Creation and Chinese Books Cyberstore Ltd., which is one of the pioneers in e-business and internet commerce in Hong Kong.  Other large multinational companies he had served include Jardine Matheson, Dow Chemical, Pearson Longman, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, etc.

Before joining DVT & DHP, Lawrence had been the Deputy Managing Director of Laser Computer Ltd. for 10 years.  Laser was one of the largest and most successful IT companies in HK and China specialized in the distribution of computer peripherals and related products before merging with Synnex International, a public company in Taiwan. He had single-handedly established an extensive nationwide network in China during the 90’s. 

Lawrence is more than just a businessman, professor, trainer and investor.  Besides exploring Chinese and western philosophy and history, he is also a musician, Chinese martial arts master, Chinese calligrapher, social entrepreneur, writer and management philosopher specialized in integrating the wisdom of Chinese and western culture into modern life and management. 

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