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Our alumni community is diverse and geographically dispersed. Wherever life takes you after CUHK EMBA, we’re here to connect you back. There are so many reasons to make new friends, socialize or intellectualize, but not a single reason to stick within your own circle.

Never stop serving

What does giving back to the community mean to you? Donating hefty sum? The alumni association interprets it with a whole new meaning. In 2015, the association formed the first-of-its-kind strategic partnership with The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) to match top business executives with social enterprises which are looking for business advice. The program started out with a 6-month mentoring program with passionate alumni, crowned as “Social Angels”, taking real action to help their social enterprises scale. The program is still on its evolutionary journey but its core mission still sticks to the solid belief that “businesses should do well by doing good”. So, if you want to learn, invest, help or even found a social enterprise, do come and join us.

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