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Exclusive Invitation for CUHK EMBA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Voting / Student Members


Chinese Culture and Management Series 3 –
“Corporate Management with Chinese Wisdom”
企業管理的中華智慧 - 修身齊家、治國平天下

As part of CUHK EMBA AA core pillar to drive continuous lifetime learning, we are excited to announce the Chinese Culture and Management Series 3 “Corporate Management with Chinese Wisdom” seminar / workshop. The Chinese Culture, one of the world’s oldest cultures which traces back to thousands of years ago, values harmony, courtesy and wisdom; from self-improvement to management of a family unit, then to management of the country state, thus setting the stage to bring justice and virtue into the world. The seminar / workshop will emphasise
on “I-Ching” as the core concept, bringing out the management wisdom of Confucianism and how it can be applied to modern society. Facing the ever-changing world, how to effectively manage our corporation and excel in a highly competitive business environment is an art.

We are honoured to have invited Dr. PANG Wang Kee, Lawrence as the speaker for the “Corporate Management with Chinese Wisdom”. Through Dr. Pang’s sharing, participants would be able to learn more about the Chinese Culture and Wisdom and further develop oneself in a VUCA World.

香港中文大學行政人員工商管理碩士課程校友會的其中一個核心支柱是推動持續終生學習,我們欣然舉辦中國文化與管理系列 3 -  [ 企業管理的中華智慧   - 修身齊家、治國平天下 ] 中華文化博大精深、源遠流長,其核心思想,就是如何管理好人生,面對一切挑戰,企業管理是其中最重要的一環。面對瞬息萬變的世情,如何有效管治群體,並在競爭激烈的營商環境中奮鬥、生存與成就,是一種藝術,也是必須的技能。此講座從《易經》的核心理念,帶出儒家的管理智慧,強調現代社會,同樣需要先正心修身,才能齊家治國,進而「平天下」。鑑古而知今,靈活變通,古為今用,重視實踐。「道」一以貫之,能抓重點、悟其精髓,遵道而承,志心篤行,一切自當迎刃而解。我們很榮幸邀請彭泓基博士擔任企業管理的中華智慧演講者。通過他的分享,參與者將能夠了解中國文化和智慧,進一步學習和提升自我 ,在易變和複雜的社會環境世界生存和達成目標。



  • Doctor in Management, China Remin University, Beijing

  • MBA, B.Sc., Dip. M., Founding Fellow, HKIM

  • Professor of Practice, Centennial College, HKUSPACE

  • Associate Adjunct Professor, School of Business, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • Honorary Advisors of: School of Business, The Hong Kong Baptist University; Marketing Department, City University of Hong Kong; Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education Adjunct Professor, City University of Hong Kong

  • Founding President, The Society of Chinese Wisdom & Management Ltd.

  • Founding President, The Academy of Chinese Wisdom and Management Ltd.

  • Coach, Hong Kong Police Chinese Martial Arts Association

Lawrence graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1973. He also obtained his Master of Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1975, and Diploma in Marketing from Institute of Marketing, UK, now known as Chartered Institute of Marketing. He obtained his Doctorate degree in Management from China Remin University in 2013.


Lawrence has many years of extensive management, particularly marketing and sales, experiences in various industries, including Information Technology, office equipment, electronic, scientific & medical equipment, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, plastics, and publishing in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Korea. He also spent a few years in Canada specializing in the marketing of banking and financial services. Lawrence is now a writer, lecturer, professional trainer as well as an Evangelist in promoting Chinese Wisdom and Management. He frequently gives lectures and management training to universities, clubs and corporations, such as The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong Lingnan University, Beijing University, Qinghua University in Beijing, Mass Transit Railway Corporation, Yahoo, Prudential, Convoy, Ocean Park, Kingboard Chemical Holdings, Trade Development Council, The Hong Kong Government departments, etc. He was the Shareholder and Executive Director of Advanced Card Systems Ltd., a publicly listed Hong Kong company (HKSE#8210) pioneering smart card technologies in gaining international reputation in the industry. He was also the CEO and Managing Editor of Digital Vision Technology Ltd. (DVT), and Digital Heritage Publishing Co. Ltd. (DHP), positioning as an innovative system integrator/solution provider and an ICP (Internet Content Provider) for education, culture and related areas respectively. He was also the Director and Shareholder of ITVentures Ltd., Digital Creation and Chinese Books Cyberstore Ltd., which is one of the pioneers in e-business and internet commerce. Other large multinational companies he had served include Jardine Matheson, Dow Chemical, Pearson Longman, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, etc.


Before joining DVT & DHP, Lawrence had been the Deputy Managing Director of Laser Computer Ltd. for 10 years. Laser was one of the largest and most successful IT companies in HK and China specialized in the distribution of computer peripherals and related products before merging with Synnex International, a public company in Taiwan. He had single-handedly established an extensive nationwide network with more than a dozen successful offices in various major cities in China during the 90’s. He had participated in and as a personal witness of the economic growth in China throughout the past few decades experienced extensive adversity and prosperity. Lawrence is more than just a businessman, professor, trainer and investor. Besides exploring Confucius, Taoism, Buddhism and Zen, he is also a musician, Chinese martial arts master, social entrepreneur, writer and management philosopher specialized in integrating the wisdom of Chinese and western culture into modern life and management with quite a few books published in these areas.


In 2003, he established The Society of Chinese Wisdom & Management dedicated to the exploration and promotion of Chinese and Western culture aiming to integrate and distill wisdom for better management and life in modern society. The Society has received increasing popular support, recognition and respect from the general public, and various institutions.


中國人民大學博士、香港中文大學工商管理碩士,香港大學理學士。中華智慧管理學院院長、中華智慧 管理學會創會會長、香港浸會大學商學院副協席教授、香港道教聯會顧問、香港警察中國國術會教練、 媒體及專欄作家。前香港政府中央政策組諮詢組員、香港市務學會會長、院士及顧問等公職。

彭氏是香港最早從事中國貿易的先驅者之一,曾主管多家中外著名企業,涉獵不同行業,九十年代獨力拓展中國 大陸市場,建立全國網絡,成為香港及國內最成功的企業家之一,成績斐然。近年專心鑽研中華文化、 音樂武術、氣功禪道,修練及教授文武與道家養生,並致力融和中西智慧於現代管理,創「六慧管理」, 尤擅《易經管理學》。 著有《於無聲處》、《遵道而行》、《靜待黎明》、《智慧的追尋》等。

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